Who is writing these articles?

Hi, my name is Tibor, I am a freelancer application developer dad from Budapest, Hungary. I do coding for a living, and I code as a hobby too. I do many other things for example I try to take nice photographs - every header photo in this blog is made by myself. I like to play the guitar (I'm a huge metal fan! #lol), but nowadays I don't have much time for that. I have a beautiful wife who supports me in everything, and I am really glad for this, because sometimes I can really get into the development stuff.

What is this all about?

The reason why I stated this site is that I want to share my experiences in the Swift language with you. First of all, let me begin with one of my favorite "swiftish" quote from a guy called Jameson Quave:

If you are still writing Objective-C day-to-day, you’re writing legacy code

The Swift programming language is evolving really fast, and this is the exact same reason why some of the people are disappointed in it. The ABI is still not stable, as we are heading towards version 5.0, developers have to update Swift projects by hand every year. Anyway, I'm still in love with Swift, and not giving up on it, you can check the popularity of the language here.

In the last year I ditched node.js and started to learn go languge for my backend projects, but I'm still waiting for the server side swift to be more usable. I beleive that this whole ecosystem sucks now, but in 5 years most of the things will shape form and get into the right place.

Here is my advice: start learning Swift for the future.


From time to time I'm going to share some interesting facts about this site.

  • 9th February, 2015: The blog was born.
  • 21th Januray, 2016: Got Listed on the 100 best blogs for iOS developer list.
  • 26th August, 2016: Reached my 1000 unique visitor a day personal goal.
  • 1th September, 2017: Became a freelancer developer (more time to blog)
  • 28th December, 2017: 100.000 unique visitor 🎉
  • 29th May, 2018: 10.000 unique visitors per month

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