Weekly articles

About server side and iOS application development using Swift.

Declarative unit tests for Vapor

Learn how to test your server side Swift backend app in a declarative style using a lightweight library called Spec.


How to design type safe RESTful APIs using Swift & Vapor?

Learn to make proper data transfer objects for CRUD operations and integrate them both into the client and server side API layer.


Unsafe memory pointers in Swift

Learn how to use raw pointer references, interact with unsafe pointers and manually manage memory addresses in Swift.


Memory layout in Swift

Start learning about how Swift manages, stores and references various data types and objects using a memory safe approach.


How to use C libraries in Swift?

Learn how to use system libraries and call C code from Swift. Interoperability between the Swift language and C for beginners.


Building static and dynamic Swift libraries using the Swift compiler

This tutorial is all about emitting various Swift binaries without the Swift package manager, but only using the Swift compiler.


The Swift compiler for beginners

Learn how to build executable files using the swiftc command, meet the build pipeline, compilers and linkers under the hood.


The future of Leaf and Tau

Which template engine should I choose for Vapor? What's the difference between Leaf and Tau? Let me explain everything.


Custom working directory in Xcode

Learn how to set a custom working directory in Xcode to solve one of the most common beginner issue when using Vapor.


File upload API server in Vapor 4

Learn how to build a very simple file upload API server using Vapor 4 and URLSession upload task on the client side.


AJAX calls using Vapor 4

Learn how to implement Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) calls using Leaf templates and Vapor 4 as a server.


File upload using Vapor 4

Learn how to implement a basic HTML file upload form using the Leaf template engine and Vapor, all written in Swift of course.


Event-driven generic hooks for Swift

In this article I am going to show you how to implement a basic event processing system for your modular Swift application.

Design patterns

Getting started with SwiftIO

SwiftIO is an electronic circuit board that runs Swift on the bare metal. It can control sensors, displays, lights, motors and more.


How to build macOS apps using only the Swift Package Manager?

In this article we're going to create a macOS application without ever touching an Xcode project file, but only working with SPM.


What's new in Leaf 4 (Tau)?

Everything you should know about the upcoming Leaf template engine update and how to migrate your Vapor / Swift codebase.