Weekly articles

About server side and iOS application development using Swift.

Building and loading dynamic libraries at runtime in Swift

Learn how to create a plugin system using dynamic libraries and the power of Swift, aka. modular frameworks on the server-side.


What's new in Swift 5.3?

Swift 5.3 is going to be an exciting new release. This post is a showcase of the latest Swift programming language features.


Sign in with Apple using Vapor 4

A complete tutorial for beginners about how to implement the Sign in with Apple authentication service for your website.


The Swift package manifest file

This article is a complete Swift Package Manager cheatsheet for the package manifest file, using the latest Swift 5.2 tools version.


Server side Swift projects inside Docker using Vapor 4

Learn how to setup Vapor 4 projects inside a Docker container. Are you completely new to Docker? This article is just for you.


Modules and hooks in Swift

Learn how to extend your application with new functionalities using a loosely coupled modular plugin system written in Swift.

Design patterns

All about authentication in Vapor 4

Learn how to implement a user login mechanism with various auth methods using sessions, JWTs, written in Swift only.


A generic CRUD solution for Vapor 4

Learn how to build a controller component that can serve models as JSON objects through a RESTful API written in Swift.


The anatomy of Vapor commands

Learn how to build and run your existing Vapor apps using various command line arguments, flags and environments.


5 reasons to choose Swift over Objective-C

When it comes to iOS development, one of the biggest questions is whether you should use Objective-C or Swift.


How to use middlewares in Vapor 4?

Learn how to create middlewares for a Vapor based server side Swift application to handle common routing functionalities.


How to write Swift scripts using the new Command API in Vapor 4?

Shell scripts are essentials on the server side. Learn how to build Swift scripts for your backend apps using property wrappers.


Get started with the Fluent ORM framework in Vapor 4

Learn how to use the Fluent ORM framework. Migrations, schemas, relations powered by PostgreSQL, written in Swift.


How to set up pgSQL for Fluent 4?

This is a tutorial for beginners about using PostgreSQL. I'll show you how to automatically backup and restore the database.


Behind the Scenes of Product Development

Introduction to methods used by product professionals to define problems, create concepts and choose the best solution to implement.

User Experience

Code coverage for Swift Package Manager based apps

Learn how to gather and display code coverage reports for your Swift packages both for macOS and Linux without using Xcode at all.