Weekly articles

About iOS & backend application development using Swift.

How to create your first website using Vapor 4 and Leaf?

Let's build a web page in Swift. Learn how to use the brand new template engine of the most popular server side Swift framework.


The ultimate guide to unit and UI testing for beginners in Swift

Learn how to write real-world Unit/UI test cases for your iOS app. This one is a practical 101 testing article for absolute beginners.


How to download files with URLSession using Combine Publishers and Subscribers?

Learn how to load a remote image into an UIImageView asynchronously using URLSessionDownloadTask and the Combine framework in Swift.


How to deliver better user experiences as a Swift developer?

Learn the basics of user experience design with some accessibility tips that you can use immediately to build better mobile apps for everyone.

User Experience

How to learn modern UIKit?

Take the first steps with me to learn how to build user interfaces using the UIKit framework. Programmatically in Swift, without storyboards.


Beginner's guide to Server side Swift using Vapor 4

Learn how to build and host your very first backend application using Vapor 4. Contains a few things about the history of server side Swift.


What are the best practices to learn iOS / Swift in 2020?

Are you learning iOS development? Looking for Swift best practices? This is the right place to start your journey as a mobile application developer.


The ultimate Combine framework tutorial in Swift

Get started with the brand new declarative Combine framework in practice using Swift. I'll teach you all the goodies from zero to hero.


Custom views, input forms and mistakes

Just a little advice about creating custom view programmatically and the truth about why form building with collection views sucks.


A simple HTTP/2 server using Vapor 4

Get started with server-side Swift using the Vapor 4 framework. Learn how to build a really simple HTTP/2 backend server.


How to write services for VIPER?

Not everything is a VIPER module. In this article I'll show you how do I separate the service layer from the modules, using Swift.


How to build SwiftUI apps using VIPER?

In this tutorial I'll show you how to combine SwiftUI with the VIPER architecture in a real world iOS application example.


Migrating from CocoaPods to Swift Package Manager

Learn how to use Swift Package Manager in Xcode. SPM now supports iOS and more, so it's time to ditch CocoaPods for good.


Picking and playing videos in Swift

Learn how to record or select a video file using a video picker controller and the AVPlayer class, written entirely in Swift 5.


What's new in Vapor 4?

Vapor is the most popular server side Swift web application framework. This time we'll cover what's new in Vapor 4.


Swift init patterns

The ultimate guide how to init your Swift data types, with the help of designated, convenience, failable intitializers and more.

Design patterns