Listen to the story of how we accidentally discovered - with my good old friend Viasz - that Siri can recognize both of our voices.

All started with a loud "Hey Siri"

We were having some drinks when I accidentally yelled "hey Siri", and Viasz's iPhone responded with the usual answer. We were shocked. I mean, it's really freaky that you can trigger your friends phone with your voice. 😮

Next we started to constantly say "hey Siri" to the devices, and surprisingly both of the iPhones were able to recognize our voices. Ok, this is fun, but it's still freaky, I mean we don't even have the exact same voice, we're not twins or something like that.

Go ahead watch it for yourself (sorry for the unprofessional video quality):

After a few minutes of joking around we wanted to fix the issue, by resetting the feature, so we started to setup the "hey Siri" process from zero. Unfortunately after we finished the setup, the problem was still there (check the next video).

What the actual fuck is going on here with Siri, we even triggered the other iPhone, during the setup process (note: left iPhone X - Tib, right iPhone XS - Viasz)? 😅

Being more scientific

On the next day I decided to record our voices and check the audio waves, maybe there are some kind of similarities, that's why the ML algorithm recognizes them both. Maybe some audio expert can look them & tell me the differences, because this is definitely not my area, anyway, here's just some illustration of the waveforms:


Recorded sound materials:

So after the recording was done, I was playing back the files on my computer, when the following thing happened: my phone / watch answered to the standard phrase.

Oh, come on, this can't be true! 🤪

I tried to make a brand new setup, but still Siri can recognize the recorded audio files. I really don't know what's going on under the hood, but the thing is that someone can use my phone with his voice freaks me out a little bit. 😬

After the Siri quality control issues, it's quite annoying that Siri is not reliable at all. What if I had a HomePod? Could someone simply access my personal info through Siri? I know I just shared my "hey Siri" key to use my devices, but still.

If you experienced the same issue or you have an explanation why the bad sound recognition keeps happening to us, please let us know via twitter (Tib, Viasz), because we really want to get rid of triggering each other's Siri accidentally. Thank you! 🙏