This is the story of my struggle with the magical butterfly keyboard and the reason why there are no new posts on the blog.

Macbooks with butterfly keyboards

I own a 15" Macbook Pro from 2016. It's the first generation with the "brand new" butterfly keyboard mechanism, which is quite a disasterous invention. Personally I love the typing experience (short key travel path) on these new keyboards, but that's the only thing I like about it.

Honestly it's way louder than the previous generation, plus you already know the other thing: the buttons will fail. This is the major issue with these new keyboards. If they got some tiny dust or you press them too hard, they will die instantly. It affects not just a few people, literally around 80% of these keyboards will break eventually. I already had to wait 2 weeks to get a replacement, and you know what?

My brand new keyboard has a failing up arrow key!!!

FFS. Now what? You know what. I will spend another fucking two weeks without my machine, which is quite unacceptable if you consider the fact that I have to work on my mac. Should I mention that they broke my screen during the repair process?

Ok, I'll stop right here, I don't want to be angry anymore, I'm just completely disappointed in the Macbook Pro product line. This is going to be like the 4th time that I have to take it to the service in just 3 years. I know one thing for sure:

I don't want to buy a Macbook with this crappy keyboard anymore.

I also know that I'm not the only one, I could link several articles with the same opinions, some of them also hate the typing experience, some of them already moved away from these machines, so yeah Apple did a great job of killing the reputation of their best pro product (touch bar, thermal issues, etc.).

iPads for the rescue

The question is this: do we have a real Macbook Pro alternative?

Thing is I was using my iPad pro full time for two weeks, and I loved it. I could almost do everything that I wanted, except from real Swift development, but apart from that, the iPad was the perfect machine to work with. I loved the combination of the touch interface & the keyboard.

Apple with the iPadOS is on a good, but really slow track. The problem is that the iPad needs better productivity apps. I mean why isn't there an Xcode for iPad. It could be called SwiftCode or just add some real app building capabilities to Swift Playgrounds. By the way, why are playground books iPad only, shouldn't they work on the mac too? We need Final Cut Pro, Logic and many more on the iPad too. The hardware is already there, we have nice bluetooth accessories like old-school pointing devices or external (actually working) keyboards, we need better software!

I'd instantly trade my macbook if I could use only two apps on the iPad. Terminal & Xcode. That's it. I'd love to use a real touch screen instead of the touch bar, I'd love to use FaceID instead of the slow TouchID on the mac. I don't care a shit about dongles and accessories, because I already have to use those things, but the only thing I care about is that the iPad is already lightyears ahed of the mac. For example the photos app is so damn slow on a mac that I simply stopped using it at all. I only do photo selection / editing on my iPad now. I could go on with more examples...

At the beach

The future

So here I'm, trying to write again, but this stupid fucking up arrow key is constantly trying to stop me. It just DOESN'T work! Let's say that I'm going to have a summer holiday. I can't promise anything, because I don't even have an exact date for my next round at the local Apple service point yet. I'm also thinking about something new for the blog, maybe this is the right time to sit down and figure out the details.

PS. Feel free to send me a replacement unit, so I can write new tutorials again. 😅