Here is the biggest collection of Swift packages ready for the linux operating system. Feel free to send me yours if you are not listed.

Server side frameworks

These are the most popular server side Swift frameworks for linux, please note that some of them are not updated for Swift 4. ⚠️

  • Vapor (recommended) - 💧 A server-side Swift web framework.
  • Kitura - A Swift web framework and HTTP server.
  • - Evented I/O streams for Swift
  • swifter - Tiny http server engine written in Swift programming language.
  • Lightning - A Swift Multiplatform Single-threaded Non-blocking Web and Networking Framework
  • Perfect - Server-side Swift. The Perfect core toolset and framework for Swift Developers. (For mobile back-end development, website and API development, and more…)
  • Zewo ⚠️ - Lightweight library for web server applications in Swift on macOS and Linux powered by coroutines.
  • Express ⚠️ - Swift Express is a simple, yet unopinionated web application server written in Swift
  • blackfire ⚠️ - A minimal, fast and unopinionated web framework for Swift
  • Dynamo ⚠️ - 100% Swift Linux Web Server
  • Just ⚠️ - Swift HTTP for Humans


If you are looking for a cross platform logging solution that works under linux, you should definitely check out these Swift repositories:

  • CleanroomLogger - CleanroomLogger provides an extensible Swift-based logging API that is simple, lightweight and performant
  • HeliumLogger - A lightweight logging framework for Swift
  • Rainbow - Delightful console output for Swift developers.
  • SwiftyBeaver - Convenient logging during development & release in Swift 4


  • mysql-swift - A type safe MySQL client for Swift
  • MongoKitten - Native MongoDB driver for Swift, written in Swift


  • SwiftSockets - A simple GCD based socket wrapper for Swift.
  • BlueSocket - Socket framework for Swift using the Swift Package Manager. Works on iOS, macOS, and Linux.

Other useful stuff

  • CryptoSwift - CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift
  • Kanna - Kanna(鉋) is an XML/HTML parser for Swift.
  • Yams - A Sweet and Swifty YAML parser.
  • SwiftCLI - A powerful framework that can be used to develop a CLI in Swift
  • Progress.swift - ⌛️ Add beautiful progress bars to your loops.
  • Commander - Compose beautiful command line interfaces in Swift
  • PathKit - Effortless path operations in Swift
  • FileUtils - Easy way to work with files, directories and paths in swift on macOS and linux.
  • Spectre - BDD Framework and test runner for Swift projects and playgrounds
  • SwagGen -  Swagger/OpenAPISpec 2.0 Swift code generator
  • SwiftGraph - A Graph Data Structure in Pure Swift
  • SwiftPriorityQueue - A Generic Priority Queue in Pure Swift
  • CFileWrapper - 🗄 Read files in Swift without Foundation
  • BFKit-Swift - BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster.
  • Queuer - Queuer is a queue manager, built on top of OperationQueue and Dispatch (aka GCD).
  • SwiftLCS - Swift implementation of the longest common subsequence (LCS) algorithm.
  • swift-web - 🕸 A collection of Swift server-side frameworks for handling HTML, CSS, routing and middleware.
  • SwiftSoup - SwiftSoup: Pure Swift HTML Parser, with best of DOM, CSS, and jquery (Supports Linux, iOS, Mac, tvOS, watchOS)
  • SwiftyTextTable - A lightweight library for generating text tables.
  • Duration - A simple Swift package for measuring and reporting the time taken for operations
  • SwiftyGPIO - A Swift library for hardware projects on Linux/ARM boards with support for GPIOs/SPI/I2C/PWM/UART/1Wire.
  • 5110LCD_PCD8544 - A Swift library for the Nokia3310/5110 PCD8544 Monochrome LCD display

Wrappers around system libraries

There are some packages that are simply wrappers around system libraries, you can find a pretty good list of them here. I believe that there is already an existing Swift Package from almost every item from that list, you just have to search github, but hey here are a few popular ones:

Cool accounts (⚠️ not everyting is Swift 4+)

These accounts are really good starting points if you are looking for a Swift library under linux, some repositories are deprecated, most of them is maybe dead, but if you have courage you can migrate the old Swift sources to the latest version! 🤪

If you'd like to send a new item to this list, please drop me a few lines!