This is the biggest and the best collection of the currently available natively created source editor extensions for Xcode.

This is awesome!

Take me to the list.

You can find the actual list hosted on github. The main reason for this is that the project is almost entirely driven by the community and this fact is truely amazing! In under just one year, the repository had a thousand stars (1000⭐️) on github and it's counting! The list of awesome native Xcode extensions is open for everyone, so if you have an extension, please don't hesitate & create a pull request! I'd like to say thank you for all the contributors, especially for takasek who categorized the list.


How to create an Xcode extension?

You might feel the urge to implement your own extension. Not a problem. Here are some really amazing resources, to teach you how to make an Xcode plugin.

Both of these articles are very great ones, I don't want to get into the details of building an Xcode source editor extension, you should just go read (watch) them and start building your own stuff. ;)

NOTE: I made the original version of this article back in 2016, so it was time to upgrade it and make it more relevant for new visitors (5th October, 2017).