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TouchBar is awesome!

First of all I am still alive and I have 3-4 new blogposts almost ready to publish, so please don't worry new and interesting topics are coming soon. The second thing is that I promised last year that I'll give a follow up article about the new MacbookPro after I used it for a while. Now a really strange thing happened: my left command key went wrong on my machine...

This is how I finally realized that the new MacbookPro is the perfect device that Apple made last year. I had to take it to the local service point so I did not had a personal workstation for more than a week. I was using my wife's retina MBP, and a 4k iMac for a couple of days.

Here is the deal: ==I was constantly looking for the TouchBar. ==

The old keyboard feels shitty to me and I don't want to go back ever again. Of course now you can tell me that hey, your machine was broken, but you know what? All my Apple devices were broken at least once. The battery inside my iPhone died in cold weather conditions and the screen just felt off from my first-gen apple watch back in march. But hey, Apple fixed every single device for FREE. They simply admit if they sell bad hardware and they fix it. #respect

Apple's secret weapon is the incredible customer service

So I am very happy that I can write this post on my own device. I missed the TouchBar a lot and that means - to me - that this is the right directon to evolve the desktop machines forward. I can't wait to have a better control strip API, because I have some app ideas for the TouchBar, but until that time arrives (hopefully WWDC2017) I gathered an awesome list of the available TouchBar applications for those who are using this kind of macs.

PS.: Instead of the original Apple Watch now I've got a Series 1 as a replacement.
I ❤️ Apple Support.