Day 1 with the new Macbook Pro

So here I am, writing the first post from my new Macbook Pro. Honestly, I love it. There are some minor things that are really annoying, but the fact is that the quality of this machine is perfect.

The new display is gorgeous. To the right you can see my old mac, to the left is the new one. The P3 display really makes a difference.

max brightness same image

After the basic setup, the first thing what I did was an SSD speed test.

retina Macbook Pro 15" from mid 2012

retina Macbook Pro 15" with Touch Bar from 2016

Ok. Super fast, everything loads almost instantly, except the iOS simulator...

I am not playing too much games, but I tried Diablo 3 on the new toy.

Max graphics, very high resolution, no lagg. (The screenshot was scaled down)
The cooling system is very silent, the unibody case is not getting very hot.

Touch Bar is really amazing. My only problem is that I switched to a US keyboard layout from a Hungarian one, so right now I always mix up some letters, but hey, this was just my first day with the new machine, I'll get used to it soon. Coding is much better on this layout. Also the backlight evolved a lot since 2012. The light pollution around the keys is almost completely gone. But back to the Touch Bar for a second.

Right now Pixelmator is my favorite app that supports Touch Bar.

So many options.

One minor thing about the Touch Bar, that the escape button should be like the Touch ID on the right side of the bar, which is by the way also a really comfortable thing to have it on the mac.

I don't mind the USB-C ports, I am not using too much accessories, only an external monitor. Sometimes I need the SD card reader, but now I have to use the cable to transfer the images. Once a month. First world problems.

I really can not say more, because this was my first day with the new mac, but I wanted to write down some thoughts. This is a well made piece of hardware. Super fast, portable, quality product from Apple. Congratz!

One more thing... the new speakers. They rock! 🤘🏻