So i just submitted my first Apple Watch app. How cool is that, huh? I'll tell the story behind it. First of all in Hungary you still can not buy the watch. That's definitely an issue. But i was lucky enough to play with it for a week and i like it very much. The second thing was that i visited lake Balaton quite a lot in the past months so i wanted to know how hot is the water. Let's combine these things and do an app i said. But if i make this one screen app it could be a very good opportunity to learn how to make a watch app.

I've tried both sizes, the smaller won't fit my needs but the bigger one is cool.

Here we are. :)

Ok just a minor detour. The watch is nice, the battery life is good enough for me, the size is perfect (42mm), the UI is gorgeous, but there are no good apps in the Watch AppStore yet. I love two major things about the device.

  • health tracking
  • messaging

The fitness function is very well designed i can't wait to get all the badges and review my stats from a distance of a year.

I could only try the messaging functionality for a little while, because not so many people have the watch in Hungary. I hope this will change in time and i think we will see a brand new generation of messaging apps.

So let's dive into the development. I googled and found a couple of interesting articles which i want to share:

These links helped me a lot to understand how things work and after a couple of hours my first watch app was ready to go. The big problem is the UI not the coding. Because you have only a tiny screen (38mm) and if you want to display many information you will fail.

Don't fight the system make dumb straightforward apps.

I did the same thing. Now my watch app can do only one thing. It can display the temperature of lake Balaton at a given location, but i think that's ok because this was the purpose and people won't play with the watch all the time. They just want tiny bits of information. Here is the final UI of my application:

I made a glance and a watch app which can display a little bit more information, but i wanted to keep the main logic on the iPhone. I submitted the app about an hour ago. The only problem is now that i have multiple targets i have to generate more app identifiers and provisioning profiles to submit to the store. Of course Xcode can fix the issue for you (no it won't work) but i like to do things manually (not). This is the story here i wait for the approval which will be a week or two maybe, but now i am tired as hell so i'll go to sleep.